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posted: Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 3:29 pm

Is a Police song ‘your song’? Did their music mark an important event for you that you’ll never forget?

Did you get to see them back in 1979 at the Whisky a Go Go or in 1978 at CBGB (or anywhere else, of course)?

Share any stories of how they’ve affected your life here, in the comments….

39 Responses to “Share Your Stories”

  1. Kelly says:

    Just shy of Sweet 16, I was fortunate to see The Police at Shea Stadium for The Synchronicity Tour in Aug 1983 (even though the day was a soggy one the night was unforgettable)! Last Aug 2007 (just shy of my 40th birthday) I was thrilled to take my 10 year old daughter to Giants Stadium to see The Police Reunion Tour. We both had the experience of a lifetime together. The Police will always be my ultimate pleasure! Thank you for bringing so much passion, energy, and pain into my life…a complete introspection to make me complete!

  2. Gary Hurley says:

    Went along to the Marquee Club in London England way back in the eary 80s for a Police fan club event with only 400 people in the audience!
    The next next night the band played at the Wembley Arena London to 12,000!
    Gary Hurley London England.

  3. Becky Sigurnjak says:

    The Police entered my life in the fourth grade via my babysitter. My heart has been sending out SOS signals to Sting, Andy & Stewart ever since! I will admit, I’ve followed Sting’s solo career a little more closely than the others but never forgot the sounds of the band that first captured my attention. As the boys took the stage last summer in Miami at Dolphin Stadium, the dream I have only ever imagined came to life! I was living not only my history as a fan but also that of the band itself…They will live in my soul now & forever!

  4. John says:

    The Police and Sting occupy a place in my personal rock mythology from where they may never be moved. I “raise the horns” for them!

  5. Paolo says:

    Sting means more to me than anyone else in rock and roll. He’s a legend and an inspiration to a generation.

  6. Davendra One Heart says:

    Leicester De Montfort Hall, 1979. They were actually very good. Sting didn’t like the ’77 punk hangover of gobbing on the band and at one point threatened some earnest gobber with the stock of his bass. But it was a good concert.

  7. Liz Franchini says:

    Sting & I Halloween 2005 he sang to me..check at my picture with him!! I love him!!!

  8. nanci says:

    when my son was almost three (21 years ago) The Police played in Miami. My son, whose first song was “Roxanne” (try that one on grandparents) was my date for the concert, him miniture saxophone in tow. When we picked up our tickets at “Will Call” I was asked why I was taking “a baby” to see Sting. I laughed and said something like “he probably knows more lyrics than you do”. She asked to see our tickets, and asked if we would like better seats…of course! The mystery woman was one of the band’s publicists and she put is in the front row with Trudie and several of their children. My son was mesmerized: he stood on the floor looking up at Sting the entire evening, singing and playing along on his little sax. The group must have been amused by this Mini-Me because after the concert, we were to the backstage afterparty. Branford Marsalis took my son aside for a private sax “lesson”.–the entire group, and entire vibe, could not have been more wonderful. Besides creating a Sting-fan-for-life, it is always great to see an artist who is amazing on stage, and off. We are looking forward to reliving the memory in NYC August 7.

  9. Gary Hurley says:

    Just got 2 cheap tickets at $79 each + $22 ticketmaster fees + a $2.50 fee just to pick up my tickets from the box office on the night of the show!
    Gary Hurley London England

  10. A says:

    I love The Police. I love Sting. Saw them at the Meadowlands, it was a stress buster. I remembered my high school years along with the high school friends that went with me. It was FANTASTIC. THE BEST GROUP IN THE WORLD.

  11. Kieran says:

    Went to the the gig in Wellington, NZ my Dad got me into the police about 5 years ago and i still listen to them and watch them as much as i can i just dont seem to get sick of the music. Never have i been to a live concert where the artists sounded as good live as the do playiong through my stereo. Great live performance lets hope a DVD is bought out filmed over one of the reunion concerts

  12. Nicole says:

    Hey everyone who bought tickets – watch out because Ticketmaster is changing seat locations on you without notification! I just had my one pair right at the side of the stage in the loge changed to the 300 level and Ticketmaster will NOT refund my purchase. This is highly upsetting and really awful for those of us fans who worked hard to get good seats, only to be given the bait and switch, apparently. I feel doubly bad for the poor way this reflects back on the charitable cause behind the concert.

  13. Nando-Brasil says:

    Can´t stand losing The Police!!!!!
    Comimitment of The Police is continue,for someone very time the retorn.
    No can to finish.
    Can´t stand losing The Police!!!!!

  14. Laurie Pizza says:

    Had my sect 67&68 seats reassigned to sect 313 (awful) without warning or notification by Ticketmaster who is blaming the Promoter & MSG…is this how to treat fans…not happy! This has happened to many of my friends as well. Can PBS do anything?!?!?

  15. Amy P says:

    I’m a member of WNET and I bought 4 tickets (at $179 ea + Ticketmaster charges) for the final Police show at the Garden. They were in section 65, in the loge (by the stage). I found out, through friends NOT Ticketmaster, that my seats were changed to section 331. That’s across the arena and three tiers up from my original seats. I don’t understand what happened. Perhaps you can help shed some light on this? I’ve been a long time PBS supporter and I am behind this benefit and I don’t want anything to sully my (or anyone else’s) impression of the event.

  16. Rosemary says:

    I am one of the many people that is disappointed to learn that my seats for the show at MSG have been changed to a less favorable section. I am concerned how this is sullying the reputation of PBS. An error occurred in the intial ticketing and pricing and those responsible have simply refused to do anything to rectify it in a satisfactory way. Although PBS is not directly involved in this situation, it is being damaged by its association with the whole affair.

  17. Crazy Fan says:

    The Police Rule!

  18. Nick Van Zanten says:

    I grew up listening to the Police. Now I listen to the stuff my dad listens to but my mom is a big Police fan. I grew up listening to Every Breath you take the singles. Good CD. I also grew up with Stings music as well. When I heard Sting was coming to Grand Rapids Michigan I couldn’t help but get tickets. I took my mom with me. He put on a good show. 3 years later I heard the Police were coming to Van Andel so me and my buddy got tickets. I knew I couldn’t turn it down. It was the best show I’ve ever attended. They totally rocked. Let’s just say that they arrested their fans and threw them into a musical prison.

  19. Robin says:

    I saw the Police twice in the early days and three times on the reunion tour. We are headed to NYC for the final show ! I feel so fortunate to be able to witness that piece of history. The Police are the greatest band of all time. I love you Stewart !!!! Keep it rockin on the third beat darlin.

  20. Lesley Hamer says:

    I’ve been a huge Police fan since 1982 when I was a college student at the University of South Carolina. A highlight of my life was interviewing Sting in ’88 when I was a young entertainment news reporter for a Nashville television show. Chet Atkins presented Sting with a Gibson guitar, and we were there to cover THAT story. However, being the die-hard Police fan that I am, I asked Sting if he would sit down for a brief chat. He agreed, and graciously provided me a 20-minute interview that, to this day, is a high mark in my career. I’ve seen the Police four times on their current tour (NYC, DC, Charlottesville, Charlotte) and am grateful that I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands again. I can now cross “Seeing the Police from the Front Row”(which I did in D.C.) off my Bucket List! Thanks guys for a wonderful year of happy memories…
    Lesley Hamer, Williamsburg, VA

  21. cesar sanmiguel says:

    i saw the police in monterrey mexico , great show

  22. Patricia Bagnasco says:

    when i was 13,i gained a ticket to go from montrvideo to buenos aires for the best concert Sting has ever given in his life, nothing like the sun tour, i traveled with my mum to argentina, i will never forget that, a couple of years later i saw Sting in My place,Montevideo ,the concert was quite different from that one b4, but anyway wasalso great!!! i saw him in the hotel, just a glass wa separeting us….in 2004 sting was in barcelona with inside tour, excelent i sw himagain, he has been my guide and my companion thrugh almost all my life , with his music and his songs..last year, the 26tyh september i went to c The Police in barcelona and i understood that police are 3,andy ,your book is omething else,,,, las saturday I traveled to madrid to c them again, in rock in rio,i hope to c you guys more often, and waiting 4 the new album.thank u for excisting and 4 the reunion.Long Life!!!Patricia

  23. Bill Sanders says:

    Want to raise some real money??? PLEASE make the last show available in movie theaters via satelite digital distribution. The technology and business model exists. Local theaters are doing this now with other events. You could sell $15 tickets to audiences throughout the country who want to attend live but can’t afford the trip. Could raise a TON of $$. PLEASE consider this idea…..

  24. karen b says:

    I’ve waited my whole life to see The Police and I’m glad I’ll finally get to see them in NYC. Bought just 1 ticket for myself. I’m going to dance all night, sing along to every song, and, as far as I’m concerned, it will only be the three of them and me. It’s a dream come true. I was in 7th grade (11 yrs old) when I first heard them (and my music teacher didn’t believe there was such a group!). It only took me until age 41–30 years–to get to see them. I can’t wait….

  25. Amy P says:

    I’ve had a lot of memories of The Police. From when I saw them the first time in Largo, MD in 1982 to the 17 or so times I will have seen them on this tour. So, you can imagine how absolutely thrilled I was when I secured 2nd row tickets for the final show at Madison Square Garden. Not only would I be seeing “my” boys for the last time, I’d be supporting public television. I had already shown my support for WNET with a membership.
    I have been soooo looking forward to enjoying this show from my excellent seat. So, one can imagine how gutted I felt when I found out a “snake pit” had been added in front of the stage essentially pushing my seat back lord knows how far from the stage (incidently, I discovered this after I’d flown across the country from Baltimore to see a show in California). It’s even further back if a camera track is added behind said pit. That is an unconscionable way to treat devoted fans who have spent so much time and money following the band. We’ve basically been kicked in the gut, because this show was ill-conceived by Live Nation, Police Management, PBS or any number of other entities. It is unfortunate because one of my final memories of The Police, will be how despite all my efforts to attain a good seat at what was supposed to be a special event for me, and hundreds of other real fans, it will be ruined by the bunglings and fumblings of the corporate machines and how they take precedence over the fans. How silly we were to think this event would be for us.

  26. Alex Outremer says:

    Ya know, its just SOO nice of PBS to think of all the folks who consider me lucky because I get to, er, live, on SSI/Disability thanks to an on-the-job accident.

    $750/pair on up, with a min $5,000 party, all tax deductible to the wealthy. Well, at least I can dream that *some* day they’ll have the decency to broadcast it, end-to-end, without a freakn’ pledge break every 5 minutes.
    How about this: In the future, put the PUBLIC back into Public Broadcasting and give away a quarter of the house (good seats through nosebleed seats) to anyone who qualifies with a VA Benefits or SSI/M’care A+B, added benefits for Purple Hearts or On-the-Job 100%’ers!
    ‘course that would cut the gate for those who give to what should be 100% no-strings government-funded TV, the way Ed Murrow said it was going to be when you signed on.
    Only time he was ever taken 100%.

  27. Peter D'Antonio says:

    I impulsively bought two $250 tickets including the $18 per ticket service charge. This was considerably more than I’ve ever paid. They say the are parntered with UNitis but there is no information on the website as to how much of my ticket went to this or how much has been donated to date. The police website is weak with details and more of a promotional machine. Boooo.

  28. Jean Doty says:

    I have been a big fan of The Police since their very first album. I knew when they broke up, I would never feel that way about a band again. I always hoped that they would reunite. It was absolutely thrilling to see them again, since they are the only favorite band of mine that still has all the original members in it. When I saw them play last year in Giant Stadium in New Jersey and then again for the Halloween show in Madison Square Garden, I felt as if I were a teenager again. They sounded as wonderful now as they did back in the 70’s and 80’s.

    I am really looking forward to the August 7th show in the Garden, but I hope that it is really not the last time we see the play. I hope that we see them again, and that they record some new music.

    Thank you, Stewart, Andy and Sting, for not forgetting about your fans and coming back again.


    Jean Doty

  29. Norm says:

    I’m not much of a concert person…but the Police aren’t just any band. I caught the band on 3 different occasions here in NY. The Zenyata Mandatta tour, The Ghost In the Machine tour, and the Syncronicity tour at Shea Stadium. Each show better than the last. My favorite memory is almost getting hit by a flying Stewart drumstick at Madison Square Garden during the “Ghost” tour. I ducked…but to this day wish I got hit and kept the drumstick for a souvenir. What really impressed me is…he didn’t miss a beat! Those 3 guys make better, quality, music than most 4-6 person bands today. The music industry is loosing the last of the TRUE legends.

  30. gianvittorio says:

    i love the police since i was 11.this is my band,their music is the soundtrack of my life.i’m italian,and i saw police at turin,october 2,2007,and the last concert in italy at venice on june 22.the circle is closed.i’m very happy for this.i waited for 24 years,now i’m happy,and serene.

    thank you sting,andy,stewart.always in my are the best on the planet.ciao!

  31. Rich says:

    It was Thanksgiving morning late 70’s early 80’s and I saw them I think on PBS. I would never forget that performance….

  32. Lindsey Meyer says:

    Singing with the Police and 19,000 other people – what an experience! Some high points: the NYPD band playing back-up on “Message in a Bottle” — Sting’s daughters dancing onstage during “Don’t Stand so Close to Me” — whisker-y Sting disappearing backstage with the camera crew after playing “I Can’t Stand Losing You”, getting SHAVED on camera while we screamed and clapped, then returning to the stage to play “Purple Haze”. And yes, the fat lady sang at the end of the show. Thanks Police, and I hope your retirement is short lived.

  33. Lindsey Meyer says:

    P.S.: My previous post referred to last night’s show at Madison Square Garden, 8/7/08.

  34. k hancock says:

    I saw the police the 1st time in 1980 in the UK. I loved them all from the 1st sighting and I couldnt have been more thrilled to participate on this tour!
    I will keep my fingers crossed that they will decide to come back one more time!
    Just cant get enough. love you, sting, stewart & andy

  35. Jonathan Acierno says:

    I Loved the show last night! I grew up listeing to their music, because my mother has always loved Sting. I have never seen them in concert but I wa so astounded last night. The NYPD coming out for SOS wow what anice touch. Stings Wife and kids coming out for Every Little thing she does is Magic awesome. The Red lighting for Roxanne great. How funny was the shaving off of the tour beard. Great show. I went by myself because none of my friends wanted to pay that much. Thank you WPLJ for advertising the concert, I imidiatly purchased the tickets. My only regret was not asking the beautiful girl sitting next to me, who was also by herself for her number. I have seen 4 concerts this summer but this one was a favotite. I am glad I was a part of history, even all the way up in section 310 row M seat 13 I still had a nice view. Oh and the B52’s what agreta opening act, we heard new, old and classic songs. Thanks for a wonderful night :)

  36. Jennifer B - Mississippi says:

    MTV was just getting started when I was about 13 years old and whenever the video for “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” would come on I was glued to the TV. I told my older brother I wanted an English Beat t-shirt and when he found one for me, I immediately cut the sleeves off! My first Police concert was on the Synchronicity tour on a cold night in Biloxi, Mississippi. I’ve never forgotten the climax of “Regatta de Blanc.” I had tears in my eyes at Madison Square Garden two days ago when Sting got to the same place in that song and said, “This is the last time we’re gonna do this so let’s raise the roof of the f***ing place!” And, boy, did we. Thanks, Stewart, Andy and Sting, for being… … The Police.

  37. Rose Molloy says:


  38. B. Morriss says:

    WOW! I had never been to a Police concert, although I’ve always loved their music. Got tickets for my husband and I , but ended up going with my 16 yr old son. what a surprise!! He knew every song!! That night went down memory lane,at timesI had … chills down my spine,tears in my eyes and most of all I was a proud mom! I will never forgot this fantastic evening. THX for the memories!!

  39. Steven Romero says:

    Since I heard Voices inside my head in late 1980 I have been a huge police fan I saw them 2x on the Ghost tour, at Shea for synchronicity and now 4x on this reunion tour. Since passing on the Amnesty ’86 show @ giants stadium, i had kicked myself in the pants since they never played again as the Police. But now I get to say I was 1 of those 19,000 @ MSG on 8/7/08 for the finale. They were better than ever, now I will get goose bumps listening to So Lonely just like I do with De doo do do from my Shea experience, so sad to see u leave again, but the legend lives on. Thanks for the great journey, the memories and the incredible music,EYO.