1983 Synchronicity Concert: watch on WLIW21 and Thirteen
posted: Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 at 1:11 pm

Watch the famous last concert of the 1983 Synchronicity tour on WLIW21: July 30 at 8pm; WNET/Thirteen: July 31 at 8pm. Read more…

WLIW21 New York (website)
Synchronicity broadcasts:
Wednesday, July 30 at 8 pm.

WNET/Thirteen (website)
Synchronicity broadcasts:
Thursday, July 31st at 8 pm.

Sting (bass/vocals), Stewart Copeland (drums) and Andy Summers (guitar) perform The Police’s biggest hits during the Synchronicity World Tour. Filmed at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia in November 1983, the concert was part of the band’s then-final tour in support of their No. 1 album Synchronicity. The power-packed set includes hits “Message in a Bottle,” “Every Breath You Take,” “King of Pain,” “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” “Walking on the Moon” and “Can’t Stand Losing You.” Ruling the airwaves worldwide, The Police were at the height of their success and finally embraced the bombast of arena rock with an augmented stage show featuring professionally designed stage outfits, intricate lighting schemes and backing vocalists. Witness this historic moment before The Police’s last concert ever, August 7, 2008 at Madison Square Garden, to benefit New York’s public television stations WLIW21 and Thirteen/WNET. The two-hour broadcast will also feature recent band interviews and additional classic concert footage.

During the broadcast, viewers will have the opportunity to get tickets to The Police’s last concert ever, featuring special guests The B-52s.


The Sound Check Party offers the once-in-a-lifetime experience of VIP access to The Police’s sound check for their last concert ever, a pair of floor seat tickets, pre-concert dinner and cocktails in a private party room and a souvenir gift. A few select guests will also be invited to join the band on stage during sound check. VIP tickets include a pair of floor seat tickets, a pre-concert private reception with food and drinks and a souvenir gift. Limited tickets at other designated gift levels are still available to supporters of WLIW21 and Thirteen as thank-you gifts for contributions.

“Synchronicity I”
“Message in a Bottle”
“Walking on the Moon”
“Wrapped Around Your Finger”
“Hole in My Life”
“King of Pain”
“One World”
“De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”
“Every Breath You Take”
“Can’t Stand Losing You”
“So Lonely”

4 Responses to “1983 Synchronicity Concert: watch on WLIW21 and Thirteen”

  1. susan sweeney says:

    we were at both the manchester concerts in june and they were brilliant that good that we have booked to come over to new york to see them again. My boyfriend has been a massive fan since he was young. He cant believe that this is going to be their final concert.
    Susan (scotland u.k)

  2. STEVE sPARACIO says:

    Saw them at MSG Halloween. Sting was the Joker-Stewart was Dracula and Andy was Charlie Chaplin AWESOME CONCERT! MUST SEE

  3. Mark says:

    You should really rebroadcast this show…

  4. Dnyaneshwar says:

    – Hey Able,Nice set. Reading about having to get above all the corecrtgoens’ hands and cameras I can’t help but comment. I didn’t know that was you standing behind me. In your first frame here I’m the tall guy bottom left frame do you remember those hands getting in your way? LOLI’m Roy Niswanger been a member on TPF for several years and I run motleypixel.comCheers,Roy