The Police Last Concert *Encore* Streaming Online
posted: Sunday, August 10th, 2008 at 4:03 pm

The Best Buy website has 3 songs from the Police ‘Last Concert’ encore on August 7 at Madison Square Garden online. You can watch them do “King of Pain”, “So Lonely” and “Every Breath You Take” here.

18 Responses to “The Police Last Concert *Encore* Streaming Online”

  1. josef karmid says:

    play it again!!

  2. Caryn Horowitz says:

    I thought we could watch the whole concert on tv tonight!
    Would have tried to buy a concert ticket if I had known.
    Bummer. When will the entire show be broadcast?

  3. R o b e r says:

    The P O L I C E F o r e v e r !

  4. Caesar Darias says:

    Best Buy did NOT show that “last” three songs!!! They cut out before it was over. Please show the last song and last moments of the Police.

  5. Tracy Nadel says:

    Please show again at a later time.

  6. Lee says:

    The last 3 songs were not shown, the last song was cut off, we wanted the final moments but didn’t get them, very dissapointed.

  7. Ryan Irwin says:

    ummm, The Last song they played was “Next To You” and that wasnt streamed, I demand you post it!….please.

  8. santi howard says:

    no feed here in Los Angeles.

  9. volker sosna says:

    Thanks for bringing back to the past, it was a great pleasur to see yoú in germany. Hey, and don´t stop playing music….

  10. joni gleason says:

    sting rocks!!!

  11. joni gleason says:

    sting is the best

  12. Cynthia Burnett says:

    I went with my Sister and my Husband, we had a fantastic time! The whole band is Awesome. The B-52s also were awesome too! Thanks for the ride. It was so much fun!!!!

  13. Elli J says:

    Please release the concert on CD or DVD…
    The concert was awesome, to this day I cannot get over it!!!

  14. Marcela says:

    Stewart is the best drummer ever!! It was an incredible concert and I was happy to see these guys hugging at the end. Nearly thirty years after they started playing together, they managed to finish on top and overcome personal differences. The Police are the best ever (with U2 coming close behind :)

  15. Joshua Goldberg says:

    The Show are the Garden was off the hook. I lost my voice from screaming and belting out every word to every song they all played. Not a concert I will soon forget for sure. Deffently message in a bottle with the NYPD marching band was off the chain.

  16. Kevin TIghe says:

    What a way to end a summer. I left with no voice after that show. Not only were The Police on top of their game but the B-52’s kicked some serious butt too. It was one great show.

  17. Trevor Gertridge says:

    I am a huge Police fan, but I didn’t get a chance to see the tour. I just got Certifiable recently and am soaking in every note. It is unbelievable! When I saw the NYPD band in clips of the final show, I wanted that on DVD. When will it come out? When/if it does, you can count me in!!!

  18. Vijay says:

    there is nothing wrong with the file, more than llkeiy your media player cannot handle/interpret the file. Just use a different media player google to see what is available for your platform. Otherwise, you can just stream it online, by clicking on the MU link above, and then click on View on Megavideo . Hope the suggestion helps and good luck!