Music is a powerful catalyst that brings people of all generations, races and cultures together. Every day, public television aspires to do the same for Americans through edutainment media experiences. And since rock and roll is one of America’s greatest institutions, there is no better place to celebrate rock’s history, sounds and significance than on an independent, commercial-free, PBS station like WLIW21.

The reason so many of the world’s greatest performers can be found on public television is because viewers make donations – large and small – to collectively pay for the expensive broadcast rights to experience these artists in their homes. The same goes for Public Television Rocks! on WLIW21.

So please give what you can and keep watching Public Television Rocks! Saturdays at 10 p.m. on WLIW21 for more concerts from Live from the Artists Den, Austin City Limits, and others. Thank you for your support.

Rock on, New York!